Veteran's, We at Loving Brew Coffee wish to Thank You for your service and your support.

Holiday Pumpkin Spice - Coffee's Here!

Open call to artists - please submit photos for our coffee label contest.

Coffee Label Contest

Artists, please submit your art for an opportunity to have your work displayed and appreciated. Please follow the link to learn more.

Coffee Label Contest
Murphy's Fuel by Loving Brew Coffee in a 1 pound or 12 ounce black bag with a submarine on the label. Breakfast blend of coffee for anyone that served in the military or was a Submariner.

Murphy's Fuel

Murphy's Fuel is a coffee lovers blend. It is smooth enough to drink standing on the Sail as the sun rises, and dark enough to keep you going during deep dives. We dedicate Murphy's Fuel to the brave submariners from around the globe.

Run silent and deep!

Discover Murphy's Fuel
  • Coffee Bean with a red heart to simbolize the product column for Loving Brew Coffee.

    The Product

    Fine specialty coffee beans are sourced from growing regions all over the globe. These beans are chosen for their richness and flavor. This is not grocery store coffee.

  • Big truck with a giant heart with a coffee bean inside, delivering coffee orders to customers that ordered coffee. Delivery is free and shipped the day the Coffee beans are roasted.

    The Process

    As coffee is ordered, it is roasted in the USA and shipped directly to you. We send you your tracking information so you can track your package right to your door. Standard US shipping is free.

  • The Results

    You get fine, fresh, roasted to order, specialty coffee, and we donate from our profits for every bag of coffee we sell to the Euthanization Alternative Program that you select at checkout. Read on!

We've donated over 25% of our profits to help animals that most shelters consider unadoptable

Time is short for many, so please, at checkout, choose the Euthanization Alternative Program you would like us to donate: Best Friends Animal Society, Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue or Muttville!

  • Loving Brew Coffee sells fine, fresh specialty coffee and donates from profits to get “difficult to place” animals out of the shelters, stables and kennels and into an environment where they feel loved.

    Our Cause is Critical

    At Loving Brew Coffee, our cause is to get “difficult to place” animals out of the shelters, stables and kennels and into an environment where they feel loved, comforted and satiated. Where they have the opportunity to share their lives, love, and sloppy kisses with their favorite person. 

    Their time is already so short and every dollar makes a huge difference!

    According to the ASPCA 6.3 million animals enter shelters or kennels each year in the U.S., of which as many as 3 million end up euthanized or die in the shelter, often due to lack of funding or space (Source: Humane Society). Please help give them more time

Open call to artists - please submit photos for our coffee label contest.

Coffee Label Contest

Loving Brew Coffee is reaching out to artists to display and promote their work in our Label Contest!

Complete information is on our contest page!

Contest Page
Loving Brew Coffee Mocha Flavored Coffee beans are high mountain grown specialty coffee beans with a rich chocolaty mocha flavor added.

This Weeks Super Sale

Try a 12oz bag of LBC Mocha. Fine specialty coffee beans from the high mountain growing regions, roasted perfectly Medium with Rich Chocolaty Mocha oils added to give you a wonderful Mocha Coffee in your own kitchen!

Reminder: Veterans get 10% off their entire order with code "Veteran10Thanks".

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Questions About Coffee Orders

How soon will my order be on its way? Coffee orders are roasted after they are ordered so orders usually leave the roasters within 1 to 3 days.

What is the shipping cost? Shipping costs are absorbed into the cost of the order, so shipping is free.

Can I order expressed shipping? I'm sorry, but we do not offer expressed shipping at this time.

What makes Loving Brew's Coffee so good? Our coffee is Curated from grower's in higher elevation growing regions. These regions have the right combination of clay loam and slow growing altitudes to grow a preferred, harder bean. Hard Bean coffee is generally richer and more flavorful.

Questions About Donations

How much of the donations help the Animals? On our current contract, we pay a minimal processing fee for the monthly transaction, and all else goes directly to our chosen programs.

Are we making a difference? Every dollar makes a big difference. Imagine how much kibble just one dollar will buy!

Who pays the donation? The donation that is paid to the No-Kill Euthanization Alternative Program is paid from income generated from the sale of our coffee, so we pay it after the sale is complete.

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