A Little About Coffee Acronyms

A Little About Coffee Acronyms

I want to discuss a few acronyms that are associated with coffee. Some acronyms are specific to grading the bean, however most coffee growing regions have very unique acronyms.

Today, I want to touch on a few acronyms that seem to cross between growing regions:

SHB - This means Strictly Hard Bean. These beans come from growing regions that are 1350 meters to 1700 meters. Some regions consider Strictly Hard Beans to come from regions that are 1600 meters to 1700 meters.

What make Strictly Hard Beans so hard is they grow a lot slower due to the elevation. The soil, climate, and weather is unique at higher elevations that grow coffee. The beans are very dense, and nutrient rich.

Some consider Strictly Hard Beans the most premium coffee bean with the richest flavor. They are often hand picked and processed.

SHG - Stands for Strictly High Grown. Some consider SHG and SHB synonyms, but there is a difference. In some growing regions, the highest quality bean is SHG. Because they are the highest elevation coffee bean for that region.

Strictly High Grown is grown in these regions are beans grown above 1200 meters. Strictly High Grown beans have a similar profile to SHG. Very dense, rich in nutrients and flavor. A premium bean.

EP - Means European Preparation. European Preparation is a very rigorous sorting process, often by hand, to reduce the number of non dense beans from slipping through the inspection. This generally means you can be confident in the grade of the coffee beans you purchased.

Thanks for allowing me to ramble on. For some reason I find this fascinating to talk about.

Much Love to All ❤️❤️❤️

PS: Louie says Much Love too 😽

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