Map of Coffee hard bean growing regions where specialty coffee beans are grown at higher elevations. Loving Brew Coffee

Hard Bean Coffee Regions of the World

Erna Knutsen Coined the term Specialty Coffee in 1974 in an edition of the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. She discussed micro-climates that have commonalities that produce the finest coffee. These micro-climate regions are referred to as the Bean Belt.

Coffee growing condition at their optimum graph. The regions of the Bean Belt.

Bean Belt - The Bean Belt is a reference to latitudes on the globe where the weather is conducive to growing flavorful Coffee, but it takes more than just the right temperature.

It also requires the right elevation. The magic happens above 4000 feet (1219 meters). Coffee beans grown above 4000 feet are often classified as Hard Bean. A further classification is Strictly Hard Bean which indicates beans grown above 4500 feet (1371 meters).

The different terms and acronyms associated to beans grown at high elevation are unique to the different regions. SHB (Strictly Hard Bean), SHG (Strictly High Grown) and others, but they generally refer to growing at a high elevation.

Beans grown at a higher elevation are preferred for their rich, even, non bitter flavor.

Temperature and elevation are equally as important as proper soil for the growth of fine, specialty coffee. Coffee beans prefer a clay loam to grow. The beans grow slower and are more dense, and they are packed with flavor.

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