Loving Brew Coffee Highlight - Joya De Costa Rica

Loving Brew Coffee Highlight - Joya De Costa Rica

Joya De Costa Rica - A truly delicious coffee!

Loving Brew Coffee's Joya De Costa Rica is grown by micro farms in Alajuela, Costa Rica. According to The Tico Times "Costa Rica’s best coffee comes from this hillside in Alajuela" The Tico Times. ticotimes.net. Accessed 14 September 2022.

Joya De Costa Rica, Costa Rica Coffee Farm

Photo by The Tico Times 2022.

In Alajuela, our coffee is certified Strictly Hard Bean and is processed using the European Prep hand sorting method. The beans are very dense and create a delicious brew. 

Joya De Costa Rica will produce notes of sweet apple, raisin, and honey. It is a medium brew that will be wonderful if prepaired by using the pourover method or a percolator. I like to use the pourover method because it feels more like a celebration, or an experience.

The region of Alajuela, Costa Rica, has plenty of volcanic loam and the beans are grown above 1300 meters. After picking, the beans are eco-pulped and dried in the sunshine.

Loving Brew Coffee is a coffee company based in Portland Oregon. We sell coffee to help raise money for hard to place animals that are not welcomed in No-Kill shelters.

Our web site is https://lovingbrewcoffee.com. We need to find affiliates that can help us get the word out. Our affiliate link is https://lovingbrewcoffee.goaffpro.com.

Thank you and much love ❤️!

Thomas and Louie


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