Caffe Latte in Seaside Oregon is the best coffee according to Loving Brew Coffee

The Best Coffee in Seaside Oregon

Caffe Latte is my choice for coffee in Seaside Oregon!

We headed to Seaside Oregon on august 19th to spend a week slogging around the sand of this Northern Oregon beach town. Seaside is a cute little touristy Ocean front town that you should at least spend a whole weekend discovering. It has many shops, restaurants, and rental bikes to keep you busy, as well as the Pacific Ocean. Another draw about Seaside is the cool weather in the summer. During our week in August, it rarely got over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During my trips to Seaside over the years I have tried many of the local coffee brewers and would like to give a shout-out to Caffe Latte.Loving Brew Coffee suggests Caffe Latte as a place to get your coffee on when you are in Seaside Oregon. Stop by Caffe Latte.

This is not the easiest coffee brewer to find in Seaside but it is worth the search. Their coffee is flavorful, rich, and tastes like coffee, and they have a 24oz size that I love.

Strip mall in Seaside Oregon where you can find Caffe Latte, a favorite of Loving Brew Coffee 

Caffe Latte is tucked away in a mini mall on the Main Street of town. Its owner is a real sweet local lady named Trista. She bought the spot after working there as an employee for years which says a lot about their coffee. I must say, I really enjoy their coffee. I have been gravitating towards their brew over the last two years. They have hot and cold coffee as well as blended, and I hope you give them a try if you ever get to Seaside Oregon.  

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