Collection: Iconic Specials and Coffee Sample Packs

Try some of our iconic coffees. These flavors harken to memories that take us to a different place and time. They are our special coffees that we present with great pride. Our Icons.

Or, take a world tour of samples of our single origin coffees and flavored coffees!

Loving Brew Coffee Icon Hu-Ah Joe is a medium roasted, Arabica and Robusta Blend dedicated to military men and women.

Loving Brew Coffee's Newest Icon - Hu-Ah Joe!

Hu-Ah Joe is a delicious medium roast Breakfast Blend that is perfectly balanced Arabica and Robusta coffee for an extra kick of natural Caffeine. Hu-Ah Joe is dedicated to the brave men and women of our Military!


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Murphy's Fuel by Loving Brew Coffee in a 1 pound or 12 ounce black bag with a submarine on the label. Breakfast blend of coffee for anyone that served in the military or was a Submariner.

Loving Brew Coffee's Icon - Murphy's Fuel

Murphy's Fuel is a coffee lovers blend. It is smooth enough to drink standing on the Sail as the sun rises, and dark enough to keep you going during deep dives. We dedicate Murphy's Fuel to the brave submariners from around the globe.

Run silent and deep!

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