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Jan Andersen | Writer, Artist from Wales, UK

D. R. Haigler | Acrylic Painter from Manchester, NH

A place to show and sell your work!

It is common to see art work by local artists hanging in your neighborhood coffee shop, why not make the space available for artist online too?

Loving Brew Coffee is offering you, the artist, wall space on our website to display and sell your art work. Artists need to list and show their work everywhere they have an opportunity and we would like to help. We will display your work and help you sell your work. What do we get out of it? All we ask for finacially is a processing fee (it costs us a credit card fee to sell your work) when your work sells, but what we get out of it is community. We wish to be a part of your success and the community that creates, we get foot traffic too. If you wish, you can contribute some of your sales to our Animal Welfare programs, however, that is completely up to you and not a requirement.

What will your page look like?

To get an idea of what your page will look like, take a look at Thomas Thompson's artist's page. Your page would be laid out similarly, except you would have pricing information and a button to purchase your work. There is some flexibility in the page layout. We will work together to display your work in the most complimentary way possible. Feel free to contact us below with any questions you may have or contact Thomas directly. We can discuss an agreement, page layout, etc.

Updated October 26, 2022

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Loving Brew Coffee Cause

We sell coffee to help save some forgotten Animals! We are not looking for a handout, and our coffee is roast to order, specialty grade. Please tell your friends!