Loving Brew Coffee Cause

We sell coffee to help save some forgotten Animals! We are not looking for a handout, and our coffee is roast to order, specialty grade. Please tell your friends!

Our Cause

At Loving Brew Coffee, our cause is to get “difficult to place” animals out of the shelters, stables and kennels and into an environment where they feel loved, comforted and satiated.

Where they have the opportunity to share their lives, love, and sloppy kisses with their favorite person. 

A home where they can rest with their eyes closed, in warm sunshine and a safe space, to enjoy their natural life that is as long as it is.

What Does Difficult To Place Mean?

There are three categories of shelter, Kill, No Kill (up to 10% kill), and Alternative (accept all and no kill all).

Unfortunately, animals that are difficult to place are often denied entry into No Kill shelters. They can become a financial or spacious burden to the program that accepts them. They are usually missing limbs, are impaired, blind, or simply getting old. No matter the reason, their lives are often on a timer.

Our cause is to assist with finding solutions for these animals. We call these solutions "Euthansia Alternative Programs".

Disclaimer: We do not fault No Kill shelters for not having the funding to accept every hard to place animal. No Kill Shelters save a lot of lives and do a great deal of work finding suitable homes for animals. We applaud and thank them for this.

What We Wish To Accomplish

Extending their time!

Their time is already so short and every dollar makes a huge difference!

According to the ASPCA 6.3 million animals enter shelters or kennels each year in the U.S., of which as many as 3 million end up euthanized or die in the shelter, often due to lack of funding or space (Source: Humane Society). 

9 of 10 animals that are euthanized are adoptable.

About 30% of animals in shelters are left there by their owners.

We hope our contribution will give these precious animals time to find their opportunity. A place to play, a person to love.

Please help give them more time