Call To Artists

Coffee Label Creation Contest Detail - Call For Artists

Open October 2022, Close TBD, Judge TBD

Jan Andersen | Writer, Artist from Wales, UK

D. R. Haigler | Acrylic Painter from Manchester, NH

We want our Label Creation Contest to create a partnership between Loving Brew Coffee and Featured Artists from all walks. It is common for coffee shops to show local artists works and we want to create this type of community online. Loving Brew Coffee was founded by Artist Thomas Thompson so an understanding of the need to find opportunities to show one's work is easily relatable. The following is a list of basic details about this program. If you have any questions that are not covered here, you can send us your questions at the bottom of this page or contact Thomas directly. This is an opportunity to add to your resume, be published, and earn commissions.

1. Your final image size should be 1500px by 1500px.

2. We are creating labels for 2 Coffee products (possibly 4) so you can submit four designs.

3. The designs are an artists work, they do not need to be about the products. They are not a commercial advertisment for the product. What we want is your art. An example of this can be a photo of an oil or acrylic painting, a digital painting, a digital design, a slogan, a digital drawing, a photo of a drawing, anything that is an artists work.

4. Things not allowed are based on the advertising policies we must abide by to advertise. This means no nudity, profanity, items of an offensive nature, no belittling of others, nothing based in hate or taken as.

5. You can sign your work, and your work will be referenced and associated to you on the sales portion (label box) of the label.

6. Winners will be gifted the first bag of Specialty Coffee with their label printed on it. The winners will earn $2.00 commission per bag of Specialty Coffee sold with their label on it.

7. All entries will be shown on this website and will be judged and voted for by your peers and the public. All entries can be replaced by the original artist up till one week before the judging. You should submit entries earlier so your position is secured in case we have to announce a cuttoff of entries. As stated, you will be able to replace your submissions. Your submissions and communications will be with Thomas Thompson to contact Thomas email


The label to the left is a finished product label. The Submarine in the ocean image is the work that is 1500px by 1500px (that would be your art). For your entry, ignore the sales portion red label box of information. We will work with the winners to add a complimentary colored sales portion label box. Your Artist Information will also go in this label box. The only part that we need is to co-brand our logo (white circle) the way you see it in the image. For your entry, we will reduce the logo size and work with you on its placement.

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