Selected Works of Thomas Thompson

These are selected works of Oil Painter / Artist Thomas Thompson who founded Loving Brew Coffee as away way to help save Animals that don't get accepted into No Kill shelters due to their being "unadoptable"! We are not looking for a handout, and our coffee is roast to order, specialty grade. Please tell your friends!

Paint: Utrecht Professional Oils; Permanent Alzarian Crimson, French Ultramarine Blue

Winsor & Newton Artist Oils: Cadmium Yellow Pale

Grumbacher: SuperbA Titanium White

Brushes: Ultrect 238-FIL #2 Detail, Utrecht 300-B Brush

A Place To Rest

Oil on Canvas Board 14"X11"

A Place To Rest was painted in 2018. It took about 3 weeks due to the immense number of paint strokes it takes to achieve enough of a realistic look in the fur to satisfy me. Sadly for me, this piece is no longer with me as it was auctioned off for The McDonald House.


Oil On Canvas 24"x36"

UnTarnished was painted over a 4 week time. The level of realism in the hand is important to me and is said to be the most difficult item to paint. Maybe "they" are correct, I just break everything down to seeing color. Don't be afraid to paint with a little chaos.

Cooling Off

Oil On Canvas 16"x24"

Cooling Off took three weeks to paint. Again, the matted fur to some chaos to get the level of realism I wanted. I also enjoyed painting the reflection in the ripples.

Strawberry Fields

Oil On Canvas Board 11"x18"

Strawberry Fields was painted during a two and a half week period in 2017. I loved the look of a woman's hair with sunshine pouring through it so I painted it from a photo I licensed. It was matted under glass.

The Leopard

Oil On Canvas 16"x24"

The Leopard was a piece I painted in 2015. If you saw it in person, you would appreciate the detail in the fur of the cat. This has always been a popular painting due to its three dimensional feel.

Evening's End

Oil On Canvas 24"x36"

Evening's End was painted in 2016 over a three week period. In a photo, it is difficult to see the detail that was painted into the dress. Also, in person, I was pleased with the realism in the hands.