There were two moments in my life that guided me to this point where I pair coffee sales and animal welfare. Very specific moments that altered my life.

This is the coffee moment that guided me here. I was a young technician working at a Cuban owned hotel in Miami Beach. Miami was my territory and I was working late. It was a beautiful hotel, with fine restaurants and a bar. Pool, spa, just luxury.

I was programming a new computer system for them, when a server popped in and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee. I was tired and said "I would love one". At the time, I loved my coffee with two creams and a ton of sugar and I was excited to get it. I needed it.

A few moments went by and she was back. She was carrying what looked like that plain black bitter brew that I was used to, but before I could say "two creams and a ton of sugar" she was gone.

Now, what I knew then about coffee was nothing, but she thought I knew something. That's why I was without two creams and a ton of sugar. They didn't alter coffee with two creams and a ton of sugar like me. They drank it just the way she gave it to me. I was tired so I figured, I would just guzzle it down to wake up and move on.

I took my first big gulp and......OMG! I never tasted coffee before. I completely did not understand what real coffee was. I thought it was the stuff in a bag at the grocery store, or all sugared up at the closet coffee place. This was so much better, so amazing, so rich, sweet, flavorful! You didn't need stuff in it. It was glorious.

So, this is what we are offering to you. Amazing, fresh, fine, rich coffee. Most are single origin coffees. And from your purchase, to help the animals that are not as adoptable. We promise to do everything we can, in your name, to help the unwanted animals find someone that wants them.

Thank you and blessings.